I've changed my mind on this place. When I wrote the last review, I was coming off a trip to St. Barth where we had some absolutely amazing bakery. However, comparing anything to Le Petite Colombe (Lorient) really isn't fair. It is like saying only Alinea gets five stars and every other restaurant hasn't met the standards. We've continued to go here and have done so roughly twice a week. The eclairs are extremely good. The quiches are exceptional. We also have had a cake and that absolutely was as good as it gets. I don't recall ever having better. Beyond that, the owner is a joy to work with. Unless you are traveling to St. Barth, I don't know of any bakery that has the wonderful combination of excellent baked items and charming service.
Amazing bakery! Ordered a chocolate mousse cake for my daughter's birthday. Everyone said it was one of the best they had ever had. Such thoughtful, beautiful decoration too. Highly recommend!
The pasty here is very authentic and simply awesome. Flakey and rich and all that it should be.
We ordered our daughter's Birthday cake and it was delicious and beautiful! The owner is talented and a true artist in cake decorating. The chocolate cake was moist and not too sweet and the chocolate mousse filling was amazing . Quality ingredients and beautiful!! We also love her chocolate croissants. Flaky, buttery and delicious fine Belgium chocolate. Please give this place a try. You won't reqret it.
What an absolute jewel!! The owner is a delightful Isabella Rossellini doppelganger. There is exceptional, beautiful little, Paris cafe ambience, including Parisian music. The cappucino is the best I have ever had! They have delicious food - including pastries. And, exceptional gluten-free options. She prepared a beautiful display of gluten-free pistachio cake for our Easter gathering. Yum! I have not heard one negative comment about "The Bakester". So glad you're here!! : ) Katherine K., Arlington Heights, IL
Ah, Paris. Real French croissants imported from France, crumbly crispy in your fingers, buttery crust flaking off at your touch. And the coffee, every level from deepest espresso to creamiest double latte. And to go with...your imagination and your sweet tooth will have no trouble achieving satisfaction. The decor, delightful. Keep it alive!
Absolutely adorable, charming bakery, very quaint and comfortable. So much to choose from, a tremendous variety of tempting treats. We tried 2 and each were delicious, a perfect consistency, and clearly made with love. The big beautiful cakes are breathtaking. We did enjoy our espresso (a very big espresso) and our latte. They use a Nespresso machine and the coffee is probably not their focus which is fine because their baked goods are and should be their focus. YUMMY!
Nice spot for a snack and coffee, relaxed vibe. Everything we've had has been excellent, 4 year old kiddo approves! Easy parking is a plus.
I am not a croissant person, but I tried the cranberry turkey salad with a croissant. Amazing. Very kind owner too.
Love this place. Their croissants and scones are awesome. Great service with a smile. I highly recommend.
Decided to try this patisserie in downtown Arlington Heights. So happy we did. My latte was perfect; chocolate croissant was flaky; my husband's raspberry scone was fresh, not too dry. The ambience made me feel like I was in Europe. Could come here every day. I read some comments that the prices were high. Don't agree. No higher than Starbucks and much better.
Lovely service, amazing desserts and great little quiet lunch spot. I highly recommend the chocolate tart with candied orange peel and salted caramel.
Lovely place with European style - great ambiance, pastries and croissants.
FABULOUS My husband stopped in for a Croissant and Pain au Chocolat to go. We will definitely return! I have been to France many many times and this was by far the best croissant I have had in the U.S. It was flaky and crisp on the outside and appropriately tender on the inside. I wish he had brought home a dozen! He said the shop was a beautiful little jewel box full of tempting sweets. We also have a brownie to share later tonight. Can't wait!